Panel discussions and more of the Least likely conversations discussed.

Why Not Wait 


When you think about the things you have learned along the way, we think about the lessons your life will teach.

What does it mean to wait?

How do I wait?

Finding the thrill in waiting!


September 29, 2018 D.M.V.

Youth Empowerment "Let Them Talk" 12p-2pm EST

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What The Pastor Didn't Say About:

Mentorship and Your Season

Conversation from Men and Women

  • Discrimination
  • LOVE
  • Family
  • Marriage
  • Dating
  • Relationships
  • Waiting
  • Mentorship
  • Parent(s)
  • Sex
  • Bullying
  • Change
  • Playing
  • Purity

Why not...

We all have a "Why Not" so WHY NOT?



​May 5, 2018 11a-1p

Sterling, VA


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Brining Purity Back!

Your Story is important!

April 12, 19, 26 8:30pm-9:30pm CST

Why Not Wait online 

Taking just one moment can change everything.

One Moment

June 9, 2018

​Leesburg, VA